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  • Omega-3 & Mobility Management Topper

    Our Mobility Management topper is clear in colour and offers numerous benefits for your furry friend.

    Our Omega 3 topper, made from 100% fresh wild-caught fish from Iceland, offers numerous benefits for your furry friend and the environment. The fish used is caught using certified sustainable fishing methods, ensuring that they are responsibly sourced.

    The two toppers together ensure that your pup is benefitting from a healthier and happier life!

    These easy-to-add toppers provide a range of benefits, including the support ofcartilage health, promoting mobility, maintaining healthy joints, including support of hip & joint well-being, promoting heart health, maintaining a glossy coat, and improving immune function.


These two formulas together have numerous benefits for your furry friend!

Improves immune function

Improves immune function

Invigorates skin & coat

Invigorates skin & coat

Promotes heart health

Promotes heart health

Hip & joint well-being

Hip & joint well-being

Incorporating these supplements into your pup’s daily routine will ensure that they remain happy, healthy, and thriving.

Mobility Management Topper

Shake well before use, to be mixed with meals.

Pet Weight


0-10 lbs

• • • • • • • • • • • •

1 tsp

11-24 lbs

• • • • • • • • • • • •

2 tsps

25-49 lbs

• •

1.5 tsps (2x per day)

50-100 lbs

• • • • • •

2 tsps (2x per day)

over 100 lbs

• • • •

3 tsps (2x per day)

Omega-3 Topper

To be mixed with meals, give 1 teaspoon of the Omega 3 topper for every 25 lbs of your pet's body weight.

Subscriptions & Suggested Use

11 to 20 lbs Deliver every 4 weeks

Up to 25 lbs
Deliver every 6 or 8 weeks

21 to 40 lbs Deliver every 2 weeks

25 to 75 lbs
Deliver every 4 weeks

41 to 50+ lbs Deliver every week (or check out our bundles)

Over 75 lbs
Deliver every 2 weeks

* Suggested delivery frequency per dog weight

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