Should I Get a Dog? 9 Signs You are Ready for a Dog

Should I Get a Dog? 9 Signs You are Ready for a Dog

Do you ask yourself if you should adopt a dog? Do you think you are ready? Read below to determine if you are ready to take a furry friend home with you.

are you ready to adopt a dog?

Are you a dog person?

Dogs, one of the most adorable and loyal creatures, are great companions to have. Perhaps you’ve once asked yourself, are you a dog person or a cat person? Or maybe both? Maybe you’ve even taken a Buzzfeed quiz to determine which pet suits you best, or read articles titled “10 signs you’re a dog person.” Either way, you’d know you’re a dog person if you feel an instant connection with dogs. It’s not hard to become a dog person, so it’s only natural to wonder if you should get one for yourself. Do you think you’re ready for a dog? Read below to find out.

Signs you are ready for a dog

You have done your research

If your search engine is filled with phrases like “best dog breed,” “benefits of having a dog,” “how to adopt a dog,” “dog rescue centers around me,” etc., then this is a sign that you are ready for a dog! 

Although scouring the internet for dog-related information is great, you should not stop there. Talking to other dog owners will give you a better idea of what it’s like to have a pet dog. Ask questions about their lifestyles, routines, and everything you will need in preparation for adopting a dog. If you have done all this and more, then you are definitely ready for a dog!

Your family is on board

If you live with family, you should consult their opinions first before adopting a dog. Dogs are a huge responsibility and it will be easier for you and your family to discuss adoption together. You want to make sure they are on board with the plan. If you are also thinking of growing your family and having a baby soon, then adopting a dog should be reconsidered and decided by the entire family.

You lead an active lifestyle

Dogs are very active pets that need constant stimulation. They need regular exercises to maintain good physical and mental health. Going on hikes, running, or even just casually strolling the park every day is enough to make any dog happy. So if you are already leading an active lifestyle, then having a dog will suit you just fine. 

You have enough time

With that being said, dogs will benefit from having a daily routine. There should be an allotted time when to walk, feed, and play with them every day. You will also need to make time for training especially when you get a new dog and more so if you get a puppy. 

Part of the responsibility of having a dog is giving them training and proper discipline. Obedience training is a must if you want your dog to feel safe in its surroundings. Additionally, you should allot time for vet check-ups and grooming appointments.

You are ready to get up early

Owning a dog means you will have your own personal alarm clock. Expect a snuggle, a bark, or a lick on the face once you start living with your new furry best friend. You should prepare to get up early in the morning to take the dog out because if you think about it, you could not possibly hold your pee for more than eight hours. If you get a puppy, you might even have to take them out more often until they are completely house-trained. 

9 signs you are ready for a dog

You can deal with a puppy

Puppies are more challenging to deal with, especially if it is your first time adopting a dog. That does not mean it’s not worth it though! It is definitely worth it, especially for how cute they look! However, puppies require a lot of attention. Don't be fooled by their cute faces and adorable little paws. You must be patient with them and be diligent in getting them trained. That is also why puppies require a lot of time. You can take them to training school if it gets too difficult, but it is so important to do some training by yourself because this will strengthen your bond and will help you familiarize yourself with your new pet. 

If you think you cannot handle a puppy, do not worry, you can still have a dog! But instead of puppies, you can adopt an adult dog instead. Adult dogs are most likely house trained and have already socialized with people and other animals. This will make the transition, for you and the dog, a lot easier.

You are open to learn about dogs

Dogs are friends, and when you have a new friend, you should be open to getting to know them better. If you are ready to welcome a new furry friend into your life, you should be open to learning more about them—their behaviors, likes and dislikes, body language, etc. Victoria Schade who is a published dog trainer even claimed that “by learning to understand your dog’s body language, you can tell when he has to go outside when he’s feeling overwhelmed and when he’s signaling discomfort, which can help to avoid any number of mistakes.” Schade also added, “our dogs work so hard to understand us, so we should do the same for them.” So, how else could you say no to that?

You are financially stable own a dog

There is a reason why the pet industry in the US was worth $99 billion in 2020, and why in 2021, the total pet industry expenditures grew to $123.6 billion. This is historically the largest one to date, according to American Pet Products Association (APPA). 

You are ready for a dog if you are also ready to shoulder the expenses that come along with it. Spruce Pets broke down the expenses and estimated the cost of owning a dog can be around $1,500 to $9,000 yearly. The expenses are for food, toys, pet insurance, vet visits, grooming, etc. So, if you are ready to adopt a dog, then you should consider saving some money for them too.

You found a vet and a dog trainer

Finding a vet and dog trainers should be included in your list of things to research. You can ask dog owners, neighbors, or even your Facebook friends for a referral. In the first few weeks of acquiring a dog, you will want to bring them to a vet for a check-up. So finding a vet is necessary before bringing the dog home.

As for dog trainers, obedience training is highly recommended for young dogs. So consider bringing them to classes or puppy kindergarten so they can learn and socialize.

Why owning a dog is rewarding

There are plenty of reasons why owning a dog is rewarding. Studies show that dogs can make us feel less alone, reduce stress, make us happier, and can even make us look more attractive. But the most rewarding part of all is the unconditional love and devotion they provide. And likewise, as owners, you grow to love and devote yourself to them too. The bond you create with your dog and the time you spend together is enough reason to make you want one in the first place.

9 signs you are ready for dog

5 signs you are not a dog person

If you still have doubts about whether you are a dog person or not, then these 5 signs will help you determine for sure.

You hate when dogs lick you

Dogs show affection by licking at your face and hands. Some dog breeds are also known to drool excessively, so if this factor alone cringes you, then maybe dogs are not for you.

You don’t like your friends’ dogs

Whenever you see your friend’s dog, how do you react? Do you play with them? Or do you avoid them as much as you can? You’re not a dog person if your answer is the latter. 

Dog breath is not to your liking

Bad breath is common in dogs, especially older ones. Unfortunately, it can’t be helped so if this bothers you, then reconsider getting a different pet instead. 

You don’t tolerate barking

Similar to licking, barking is another way for dogs to communicate. You have to expect this and if you don’t tolerate barking or any loud noises in the home, then sadly, dogs are just not the pet for you.

You hate when animals don’t react to your commands

Dogs are free-spirited. You can train them, sure, but they have their minds and sometimes it will be hard to command them. 


Dogs are huge commitments. They require patience, love, attention, time, and money. Owning one is a huge responsibility, you must be prepared before taking one home with you. If you ticked off all the signs mentioned above, then congratulations! You are ready for a dog.