Feeding a High-Energy Dog: What You Really Need to Know

Feeding a High-Energy Dog: What You Really Need to Know

Here is how to feed an active dog. See our tips that we've tested out.

Do you have an active dog who is always hungry? Have you ever wondered if you’re really giving your pup enough food to support their active lifestyle? What about the reverse? Are you feeding your moderately active dog as much as a long-distance sled dog? That’s probably only going to lead to weight gain or other health problems. So what really constitutes an active dog and how many calories do they really need? We break it down for you here!

The definition of active is kind of subjective so if you’ve ever questioned your response here are a few things to consider.

We categorize dogs three ways for the purpose of onboarding our new pet parents:

  • Hyper: Only stops running and jumping to eat
  • Pretty active: Loves to play and will go on longer walks
  • Not very active: Mostly sleeps during the day. Prefers shorter walks

These categories should cover most pup’s activity levels and needs. Another question we ask our pet parents is what their pups weight (we really don’t mean to be rude) and what their ideal weight is.

These questions let us adjust your pet’s customized meal plan to help them safely lose or gain weight gradually over time. If your pup is severely under or overweight you will also want to share your meal plan with your dog’s vet and get some feedback from them.